DICo® 1000, our solution for Augmentative Communication Alternative

Augmentative Alternative Communication in Intensive Care

Communicating is a fundamental human right, also enshrined in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In the ICU, the inability to do so, for example, because you are intubated or tracheotomized, is a source of great discomfort and frustration both for the patient and for those who are called to take care of it. As reported in the literature (Ju, Yang and Liu, 2021), this generates negative clinical effects such as Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) that affects about 40% of patients discharged from the Intensive Care, including their family members.

DICo® 1000, our solution for AAC

Our mission is to give voice back to the voiceless through digital technology-based communication solutions that are quick to adopt and easy to use for the hospitalized patient and the caregiver. For this reason, we have created the so-called, DICo® 1000, an innovative device in the field of Alternative Augmentative Communication (CAA). It has been specifically designed to allow communication of patients temporarily unable to speak, such as those admitted to intubated or tracheostomized Intensive Care Unit wards.

What features make DICo® 1000 unique?

DICo® 1000, la nostra soluzione per la Comunicazione Aumentativa Alternativa.


Ease of use and fast learning curve.

Materials & Cost

Strength and washability of the materials. Excellent quality/ price ratio.


Ergonomics designed for use in bedridden patients.


Extreme flexibility to patient characteristics.

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